Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bali – A Romantic Getaway

Bali is endowed with beautiful beaches and a rich culture which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. Great rentals at this tropical island allow you to experience all the beautiful sights and attractions. The stretched shore of golden sand is perfect for the newly married couples who want to enjoy the serene settings of the beautiful and enchanting beaches. Crystal clear waters and white sands with lush green coral reefs create the most beautiful coastline. Amazing resorts and hotels, affordable shopping and a thriving nightlife will make your time in Bali the most memorable one. It is an ideal place for those who are on their honeymoon as the white sand, water, coastal breezes and great weather conditions of Bali ensure a great vacation. If you are looking for great water sports in Bali, you can visit the Bukit, New Kuta beach, Padang-Padang, Bingin and Suluban or Uluwatu. For more water activities you can join a cruise or go for kayaking, scuba diving and rafting. Bali is quite popular among ocean surfers around the world. Jimbaran and Padang Padang are the best beaches to go surfing. A must visit place in Bali is Jimbaran bay which used to be a fish market but now has been turned into a tourist beach with multiple open restaurants along the beautiful shoreline. You can also visit destinations like the Uluwatu temple which is situated on the edge of a cliff by the sea. You can also visit nearby attractions like Ubud, Celuk, the center of Balinese painting and the very famous village for silver and gold works.

Another great place to visit is Kuta which offers plenty of shopping options within easy walking distance. The best season to visit Kuta is from July to August and the December holidays. Kuta has timeless beauty and various attractions and remains one of Indonesia’s major tourist destinations. If you're looking for an exotic retreat at the beautiful beaches of Bali, You can find the most prestigious hotels with first-class services, enchanting ocean views, breathtaking interior settings and an exclusive taste of various cuisine. You can enjoy the night attending various live concerts and salsa dance performances. You can find a variety of accommodation rentals including great hotels, villas and resorts by the beaches of the magnificent Bali sea. You can admire the view of the sea along with tropical gardens of the villas. To get an overview of the rich Balinese culture you don't have to go far as the hotel rooms are traditionally styled with exquisite architecture. You can find resorts that provide waterfront lodging, wining and dining, various activity camps and much more at reasonable prices. For sports activities tennis courts, golf courses including mini golf and water sports facilities are available.

While staying at these hotels and villas, you can enjoy the coral beds and marine life by taking a short swim in the soothing water of the sea. Hotels also provide recreational facilities like outdoor swimming pools and rejuvenating spas. The beautiful luxury villas consist of spacious air conditioned rooms, gardens, large terraces with ocean view and a private swimming pool along with a full-time staff. The hotels are luxurious and consist of friendly and warm staff which offers a homely environment. If you are willing to make your vacations in Bali memorable, you can search the Internet and find companies that offer Bali honeymoon holidays to enjoy your stay in the island. This article has been written by an expert associated with Hi traveller, a trusted company offering great hotels and villas for Bali beach holidays at competent prices.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Experience Bali like No Other

Vacation in the Unique Island of BaliTravelling for a vacation is a good way to relax and get a break from the city. Take a short drive out of town to your favorite resort or head over to a place that you have never been to. You can fly all the way to Bali, Indonesia and turn your vacation into the trip of a lifetime. Bali is a place where you can relax and have fun. Spend a few days enjoying the best of nature, both in land and water. See for yourself what makes this island interesting and unique. Forget about the troubles and stress from work and life in the city, even for just a few days. Enjoy a variety of resorts and beaches in Bali. Spend your time lazing in the sand and cooling off in the waters. There is enough space on the beach to engage in water sports and activities, which include parasailing and skim boarding. There are areas for snorkelling and scuba diving to check out the rich marine life. Some beach areas are good for surfing, which have been enjoyed by both professionals and hobbyists. There are also exclusive areas that are only open to guests of certain resorts and establishments. This is perfect for those looking for tranquillity and privacy.

The weather in Bali is warm and sunny almost the entire year. You can definitely expect sunny skies and warm sand when you get to this tropical island. The land is surrounded by mountain ranges, which you can marvel at from afar. The locals have used a good portion of the land to create rice paddies, which provide livelihood to the locals. Appreciate nature that makes the place special and sets it apart from other tropical islands. Bali has something more to offer than just the sandy beaches and cool waters. Being in Bali is an opportunity to explore and take part in the culture of its people. Join the tours of the shrines and temple sites that give you a look at the rich heritage of the Balinese. Do not pass up the chance of seeing the amazing structures for yourself. There are also tours that allow you to visit the villages where you can see how locals live on the island. Stroll along the marketplaces to talk to some locals about being in Bali. Try a few local dishes and drinks to taste the unique flavors that make up Balinese cuisine. Something as simple as eating and drinking will add to your experience of Bali.

Since you are already in Bali, take this chance to experience something new and interesting. You can just relax by the beach or get yourself a bit of adventure. Explore the shrines; take a hiking trip up the mountains, or hangout to interact with some locals. Visit this tropical island with friends, family, or a loved one. Everyone will have fun and find something to enjoy in Bali. Take the chance to experience a unique beach life.
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Monday, July 30, 2012